I Heart Shabby Chic : Part Time Blogger Needed!

Like Willy Wonka looking for Charlie Bucket I have come to realise that I need an understudy here at I Heart Shabby Chic, another blogger on a part-time basis. But not just any blogger and that's where the Charlie Bucket thing comes in. I don't need no Violets or Verucas!!!!

Here's the thing... I am offering a one month trial period to one person who fits the bill as stated below. If it works out after one month I hope to make it a permanent pay-per-post arrangement and the lovely person will become my "second limb". For the trial the selected person will be paid a smaller lump sum for their time. I need some one I can trust ... here's the info....


  • Trial for 1 month - a small lump sum will be paid for your time as long as the amount of posts stipulated are made. This will be paid at the end of the month and not before. A short basic written contract will be drawn up to clarify.
  • In this trial month you will be required to: make 1 blog post on the main site and 3 other posts on the Facebook page every day Monday-Friday.
  • Posting also requires some bookmarking - I estimate that this work will take the person 1-2 hours per day depending on blogging experience.
  • Payment by Paypal only.


  • The person I need ideally lives in America and is awake and posting when I am asleep here in the UK! However it won't be a dealbreaker if someone amazing comes along!
  • YOU MUST LOVE THIS BLOG & ALL THINGS CONTAINED WITHIN! And you must be a genuine fan of interiors with a great eye for selection. It's all about the selection.
  • Familiar with the platforms I use which are: Blogger, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Visualise Us, We Heart It, Stumbleupon. There will be little training on the basics of how to use these platforms, but you will be learning to use them the way I do so basically you will be learning A LOT about creating traffic and buzz for websites. 
  • Would suit a work at home mum, a student or someone with an hour or two free within their day to log onto the internet. I am looking for someone who is ideally in the age ranges 20 - 45 as that makes up the majority of our reader age.
 I need someone I can trust and therefore no one with a business, from an agency will be considered. I need someone who loves this blog as much as I do and wants to learn the ropes and keep it as great as it is. It might take some time to find you, but I know you are out there!!!

So, interested? Please do the following... send me an email saying who you are, where you are, your favourite post on I heart Shabby Chic and why. I also want to know how you fit the specification above and that you can commit to the above. If you have examples of online work please link to them. I am looking to find someone who can do this hopefully permanently IF the trial period works out.

All emails to: with "Part-time Blogger" as the subject line.

Thank you! xx


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