More Vintage & Shabby Chic Apartment Decor

I take no prisoners when it comes to decor ideas I love. I want to have implemented them all, like, yesterday! One idea I love is to arrange the clutter and collections people have and display them in a way that does not interfere in everyday life like this fantastic mirror display above.

Ever lived in a studio apartment? Hard isn't it? I lived in one with my daughter until she was 13 months old - it didn't look like this one, nowhere near! Basically this is one room living designed and decorated to perfection. Plenty of windows and light help!

Having looked around recently I am getting a vibe for vertical striped walls. There are papers like this everywhere at the moment. I am not usually a wallpaper fan but I could be converted!

I chose this last photo because it reminds me of my current flat. Two large windows in the very tall living room, neutral colours and natural woods and not exactly very tidy! My home suffers from clutter burnout and it's now one of the battles I am addressing in exactly how to turn all those extra objects into focus pieces.


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